Zootopia Voice Over Session

Zootopia has been such a fun movie to cover on my blog. This is my 15th post, and each one has been fun to write about because the film is so fantastic and I have truly enjoyed sharing all that I experienced while learning about how the filmmakers did it all.

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While at the Zootopia Blu-ray release press junket, we had the opportunity to go into the sound booth and do a little voice over session from the Godfather-like scene in the film. You know the one, where Mr. Big is introduced, and well, being an arctic shrew, he’s not so big, but he sure runs the show.

Zootopia Voice Over Session


We chatted for a little bit with Paul McGrath, the dialogue mixer of Zootopia. He talked about working with the actors in the booth and how the voice overs work. His job includes assembling, synchronising, and editing all the dialogue in Zootopia. He uses what is called an ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) mixer for this process. With this, he can correct sound problems related to the lines actors speak to match the movement of the animated characters. The process takes some work, but I had the easy part of the job, and that was just to say one line when Nick and Judy are taken to Mr. Big’s compound. It’s here Mr. Big is revealed to be a shrew. After some dialogue of why they are there, Mr. Big tells his henchmen to “ice them,” before Fru Fru enters. She reminds Mr. Big that they agreed that he wouldn’t ice anyone at her wedding. In this short clip, Paul replaced Leah Latham’s (Fru Fru) voice for mine. Here is how it turned out.

Going into the booth and having the headphones on, I could hear myself with the voice changer. It was weird but took no time to get used to talking and hearing myself that way. Then Paul gave a little direction of what he needed from me. He doesn’t typically direct the actors in the booth, but for the purpose of the session he did. I think it came out pretty good.


Paul shared that it was not uncommon for an actor to say the same line 50-60 times. It’s also not uncommon for adlibs to make it into the film, “A lot of things that the actors did were not on the script and then wound up in the film”.

Zootopia In-Home Global Press Event
Zootopia In-Home Global Press Event

This wraps up my Zootopia coverage. It was such a great film to take part in promoting and sharing all the things that it took to make such a fantastic movie. There are so many bonus features that give you a look at some of the things I have shared on my blog and more. Make sure to get your copy today. You know you want to see it again.

ZOOTOPIA is out on Blu-ray NOW


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*I attended the #ZootopiaBluray press event to share my experience with my readers. All opinions are my own.
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