Disney Does Their Research for Planes Fire and Rescue

One of the things that Disney prides itself with when making a movie is the amount of research that it entails to keep even the most fantasy like film true to life.  Case in point, let’s talk about Disney’s latest film, Planes Fire and Rescue.  I was fascinated as I sat in with Jeff Howard (co-writer) and Paul Gerrard (Director, Creative Development) to see what all they had to do to make this film such a great tribute to firefighters everywhere.



Learning just how much research went into the making of Planes Fire and Rescue wasn’t surprising as much as it was fascinating.  It wasn’t just doing some research online or making a few phone calls, Jeff and Paul actually traveled to Yosemite Park and Yellowstone Park, meeting with park rangers in order to make the park as realistic for the film as possible.  While watching Planes: Fire & Rescue, you will see some familiar sites with any knowledge of either park.


They took every detail into consideration and even relied on the LA County Fire Department and CAL Fire to share stories about protecting the parks daily even participating in water drops and be part of a real call when a fire happened.  They even went as far as spending time with smoke jumpers for the US Forces!  Serious research, hands on, the only way Disney knows how to do it.



After seeing the film I can say that the research was well done.  I think the realistic excitement and man…let me just say the fire, it’s just amazing to watch and remember that it’s all an animation.  Even the park, fire, water….it’s just all so well done.  Take a look for yourself at this extended trailer.


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