Dreaming of Fall

Summer has come to an end, and fall is here. Time for cooler weather, seasonal spices, pumpkin everything, and a beautiful display of warm hues.

Chesterfield Berry Farm, VA
Chesterfield Berry Farm, VA

…Except here in Florida. September is hot…really hot. It doesn’t start to cool down until the end of October…maybe November. And by cool I mean highs in the 80’s. Fall simply means, I can add a few inches to my Bermuda shorts and start wearing capri pants.  A few leaves may change in central and northern Florida,  but not until January/February when a cold front comes through.

Dreaming of Fall

So as a Florida native, you can imagine my excitement about finally being able to see, taste, feel, touch, completely experience each season. When we decided to travel, fall was the season I was most excited about experiencing. (Winter terrified me! Florida born + Jamaican by blood = Anything less than 75 degrees is freezing!) I had heard so much about the breathtaking scenery of vivid oranges, yellow, reds, golds that all combine to create all sorts enchanting views. I’ve been told that pictures just don’t do it justice, so seeing it in person was a must!

So you can then imagine my disappointment, when we got to our first travel assignment in Pennsylvania, and there was only one tree left with fall colored leaves. I still marveled at it’s beauty. It was November and  most trees were brown or bare. We had just missed fall. My love stifled his laughter as I searched for the perfect leaf to commemorate my “first fall”.

Our furry baby, Riley, thoroughly enjoyed the variety of sticks that the end of fall had to offer!

The next fall, we were in California. No season change there. Slightly disappointing, but the continuous fall-like weather made up for it tenfold.As we headed to Virginia, I thought that this would be the fall that I would surely be able to get my fix! Alas, Mother Nature served me an amuse bouche of the season! The temp dropped enough for the leaves to start to change, but then a hard freeze came and there went my hopes of fall I had always dreamed about.  I drank in all the fall beauty I could during those few days. The art created by nature was stunning and I can only fathom the striking glory on a more grandiose scale.

Midlothian Mines Park, VA
Midlothian Mines Park, VA

One day, fall and I will stop being acquaintances, and I will get the pleasure of getting to know her better and be mesmerized by her splendor.


Experiencing a truly majestic fall is number 3 on my bucket list. What’s on your bucket list’s top 3?

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