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To get the most out of your traveling experience, veering off of the beaten path is always a must! Finding out the locals picks or asking for their tips on how to truly get the most out of typical tourist attraction, is the best way to have an adventure like no other. And how do I know this, you ask? Because time and time again, when we met people on our travels, they were always filled with precious little gems of information that only one who has a relationship with their city possesses.

So while enjoying lunch at a grape harvest in Central California, I mentioned to a lovely couple whom I was seated with, that my love and I were going to traverse down the famous 17 Mile Drive. They followed with the typical “Oh yes, you must do that while you’re here! It’s so beautiful! formality, formality, etc.etc”…


AND then the gem comes spewing out and you see the light in their eyes change, and the tone of the conversation shifts to an exciting whisper…”Now if you really want to have an experience (here it is folks!) make sure  you catch a sunset on Pebble Beach…there’s nothing, I mean, nothing like it. Pass around this bend and once you get to this lookout, stop there and watch the sun go down. It’s one of our all time favorite things to do on that drive!”

Gem found. Adventure begins.

We decided that on our way home from visiting San Fransisco, was when we would take the 17  Mile Drive, and we timed it perfectly to watch the sunset.  Beyond worth it.


We parked and although it was so chilly that day, excitement of the beauty around us filled our souls with warmth. I took sooooo many pictures, yet nothing will compare to seeing it in person. pb3

Hearing the waves crash, silence of the sun slipping away, vivid colors on display for all to see. Breathing in a precious moment being shared with the one I love and just a handful of lucky others.


A moment that I didn’t know that I wanted on my bucket list, but I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to scribble it in and check it off.

Add This To Your Bucket List

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