@Love_For_Reagan Sports Auction

September 30, 2014 Lisa Curzon 1

**Sports fanatics and to those who know and love them…Read this post entirely! You wont’ regret it! ** As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been in the process of selling our home. Tedious, tiring process, but […]


Add This To Your Bucket List

September 22, 2014 Lisa Curzon 0

To get the most out of your traveling experience, veering off of the beaten path is always a must! Finding out the locals picks or asking for their tips on how to truly get the […]


The Little Things

September 12, 2014 Lisa Curzon 313

Every once in awhile, there are moments that cause you to just pause and appreciate the little things… … The smell of the rain. The coolness it brings right before it falls. The enchanting rhythm […]


Dreaming of Fall

September 5, 2014 Lisa Curzon 1

Summer has come to an end, and fall is here. Time for cooler weather, seasonal spices, pumpkin everything, and a beautiful display of warm hues. …Except here in Florida. September is hot…really hot. It doesn’t […]


The Blue Goat

September 1, 2014 Lisa Curzon 2

My husband and I have a rule about restaurants – if it has a descriptive animal reference in the name AND has a seasonal, farm-to-table concept, then it MUST be a good  place to eat! […]


Le Pain Quotidien

August 23, 2014 Lisa Curzon 0

When we lived in Arlington, VA, which is just outside of DC, there was an eatery called Le Pain Quotidien that was everywhere. And I do mean, everywhere! A few people told us that it […]


Wanderlust In A Glass

August 1, 2014 Lisa Curzon 2

It’s just one of those days. I just got off the phone with a friend who’s also a mama, and she was telling me about her very animated, stubborn, and extremely smart almost two year […]