How do you increase activity?

increase activity

I am definitely active. I’m busy. I’m always on the go-go-go. But does my ‘running around’ actually amount to any activity? Can I call myself active?

Well when you look at activity as in exercise, then I’d say no. I’m not active in that way. I may feel exhausted at the end of the day from running around but I probably haven’t gotten in much of any actual exercise.

I’m busy. We’re all busy. We lead full lives and have a lot on our plate. So how do we fit in exercise? How do we increase activity? I know that I have not made it a priority in my life. At all. But that needs to change.

No more driving around the parking lot until I find the closest spot. No more taking the elevator when I could just walk up a flight or two and no more sitting on the sidelines just watching my kids be active.

How I plan to Increase Activity

increase activity

I just enrolled my kids in a karate class. We when first walked in the Dojo, I remembered just how fun taking Karate could be. My husband and I were in Karate before the kids were born but haven’t gone back since. We loved it. So why not get involved again?

As the kids were getting on the mat, I decided to join them. I had so much fun. We all enjoyed it. It was one hour of not only being active but de-stressing. I had no idea just how great it would be for mind and body.

I worked muscles that I haven’t worked in awhile and actually worked up a sweat. Yes, it was a beginners class and actually a kids class but it was perfect for this girl who never gets any real exercise.

I’m looking forward to going back to class and bringing out my inner Karate Master.

How do you increase activity?

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