Le Pain Quotidien

When we lived in Arlington, VA, which is just outside of DC, there was an eatery called Le Pain Quotidien that was everywhere. And I do mean, everywhere! A few people told us that it was quite tasty, but the abundance of locations actually turned me off actually. I much prefer a rare gem to an over-replicated imitation. So I was quite reluctant to stop in for a bite, alas a rumbly stomach and an excellent parking spot, which in the city is just coveted to give up so willingly, let me inside.

My judgement was clearly a miscalculation!

My love and I were greeted with welcoming arms by our server, inviting us to either sit down and lunch,to order to go or visit the bakery. We opted to dine in…did I mention it was 20 degrees outside? Hunger, primo parking, and a frozen Jamaican Floridian = dining in!

We were graciously offered warm beverages. Mindful observation by our server! I selected the organic hot chocolate and my love opted for coffee, and they were delivered rather quickly! Must’ve been the visibly shivering hands and generous amount of clothing layers that gave away my …

The coffee was brought in it’s own little urn so that it would stay warm, which my love greatly appreciated, as the mugs were wide mouthed and the coffee cooled quickly just fast enough so you could enjoy it before it got cold.  Steamed milk and melted chocolate were brought to the table and I was truly filled with delight that I got to create and sweeten my own hot chocolate. 2013-03-13 13.02.43 2013-03-13 13.03.19

After much deliberation, the vegan split pea soup and seasonal veggie quiche are what we decided on. The soup was so hearty and fulfilling and the quiche so fresh and bursting with flavor, we truly were impressed and pleasantly shocked at the quality of our meals! 2013-03-13 13.05.332013-03-13 13.05.14

So much so, that I would often take a little visit LPQ on my way to the grocery store or picking my hubby up from work…Raspberry tart here, apply turnover there, or to pick up a jar of their fig preserve to go along with one of their scrumptious breads. They have so many tasty treats to choose from, that each time it proved to be difficult to pick one!

2013-03-15 15.57.41 2013-03-15 16.01.21

For this reason, I now understand why there are so many locations. Tastiness should be on every corner!


Have you ever wrongly judged a restaurant before actually eating there? I want to hear about it! …So I can visit!! 🙂

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