Pierogies with Veggies

Pierogies are delicious, and adding some veggies just ups it to the next level. Check out how Paris like to make hers. ~Tara

Pierogies and Veggies


Pierogies with veggies (spinach cauliflower and zucchini ), topped with chickpeas, seasonings and tahini. I usually use mushrooms, so make add those veggies as you wish.

Pierogies and Veggies

Fact: average cholesterol of a meat eater, 210. Of a vegan, 133.

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Paris Carter

Working as a Fine Art Photographer, I find refuge from the life of wife and mother to 3 busy athletes. As wonderful as the technological advancements of this day & age bring, I find slowing things down invaluable. Our relationships deserve our full attention, and by attending to our own health we foster all things positive!

Lover of Ashtanga Yoga, Plant strong nourishment, and a thirst for learning. We're all in this together, Namaste!

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