Road Trip: Los Angeles to Denver

One of the most surprising and exciting kinds of trips I get to go on are ones that I am able to include my family.  We’ve talked about doing a road trip on the western side of the US now for a bit, and then like magic, I get an opportunity to do a road trip, from LA to Denver with any stops we choose to do along the way.  I know, pinch me, it’s truly a dream vacation and all sponsored by Ford to help promote their #unminivan moments campaign.


What is this unminivan all about?   Ford has a new vehicle called the Transit Connect Wagon.  It’s not a minivan.  It’s a quirky van/suv like vehicle that has all the bells and whistles.  My job is to show my followers how this off the beaten path unminivan made our trip that much more fun, comfortable and easy.


Road Trip: Los Angeles to Denver

So, I could map out the whole trip for you, but instead, I want you to follow along.  Our stops are going to include, LA, Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Sedona, Page, Lake Powell, Cortez, Breckenridge and Denver with many, many stops along the way.  Whew!  Right?  But also wow!

So join my family and I as we embark on this amazing journey!

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*Most of my expenses have been covered by Ford in conjunction of their #unminivan campaign.  The itinerary, experiences and review of the Ford Transit Connect are all of my own.
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