Director Gareth Edwards

December 16, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

Director Gareth Edwards is living the dream. Imagine being a Star Wars fan and then be asked to be a director in the film of the franchise. Now that is amazing. Gareth sat down with […]


Director Mira Nair

September 29, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

When women take advantage of their power for the better in the world of Hollywood, I can’t help but fall in love. Take Director Mira Nair for example. She found a story of a young […]


The Makers of Zootopia

January 6, 2016 Trippin with Tara 1

So what is Zootopia? Well, in the world of Zootopia, humans simply don’t exist. This makes Zootopia a modern civilized world that is entirely made up of animals. They walk on 2 feet, wear clothes and use […]