The Blue Goat

My husband and I have a rule about restaurants – if it has a descriptive animal reference in the name AND has a seasonal, farm-to-table concept, then it MUST be a good  place to eat!

This rule came into effect after discovering The Ravenous Pig, which in my humble opinion, is the best place to eat in Orlando, FL. So when we were just out of Richmond, VA last summer, and my birthday was approaching, finding a tasty place to eat was important. Add in the fact that I was 5 months pregnant and morning sickness was finally ending for me, wherever we ate needed to be incredibly flavorful as I had fear that my child would only like ginger tea and saltines when she arrived.

Once we came across the name ” The Blue Goat ” in our search, we were swayed. It was located the West End of Richmond, which is a funky, revived part of town…older buildings, modern feel. As we walked in, we were enthralled by the unique art displaying their respect and love for the farm-to-table concept. With an excellent waitress and comfortable seating, perusing the menu was truly enjoyable…maybe even more for me due to my aforementioned state. 😉  bg2

Bottles of wine were half off that evening, and although I could not partake, it was nice to find a Petite Syrah from Vina Robles, a place we visited in Paso Robles, California. My husband enjoyed quite a bit, before we found out that they will conveniently re-cork the bottle for you to take home. We selected braised goat empanadas and avocado soup, which I believe was topped with bacon,  for appetizers. By the taste of these, we knew we were in store for a more than satisfying meal!

After much contemplation, I decided on a pizza burger. Think of a burger wrapped in pizza dough with a side of french fries. A pregnant woman’s dream! The burger was incredibly moist and you could taste the freshness in the meat. My love decided on a charcuterie plate with selections like roasted black garlic, rabbit tartar, and various sausages and cheeses.

The Blue Goat

We probably should have stopped there, but I think the excitement of  one, eating delicious food and not feeling sick, and two, it being my birthday, meant that we had to have dessert! Seasonal berry compote and homemade chocolate ice cream were delivered to our table and subsequently devoured.

The Blue Goat

Impressed, content, and filled to the brim, we left in blissful food comas. If I wasn’t waddling before, I was surely rocking the waddle now!! ‘Twas a lovely evening, and our restaurant rule, once again, proved to serve us well!

Have a favorite farm-to-table restaurant in your neck of the woods? Tell me about it! Would love to visit if I’m ever in town!

The Blue Goat

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The Blue Goat

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    We have family we visit in Richmond. The next time we go I will definitely check out The Blue Goat! We don’t have a Farm to Table restaurant around here but I have been to one in DC called The Founding Fathers. It was an amazing experience and when I think about one of the best meals I have ever had that one is on the top of the list! If you are ever in DC you must make a stop there 🙂

    • You won’t regret a trip to The Blue Goat Bobbie, I promise! 🙂 Be sure to let me know about your visit!

      And I’ve heard amazing things about The Founding Fathers! We lived in Arlington, VA which is just outside of DC, for a few months and actually tried to eat there once. We made reservations for a few weeks out, but then found out that I was pregnant, and morning sickness squashed my fancy for culinary delights. One day, we shall return and I truly look forward to completely enjoying my meal, without the fear of revisiting it later! lol 😉

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