Wanderlust In A Glass

It’s just one of those days.

I just got off the phone with a friend who’s also a mama, and she was telling me about her very animated, stubborn, and extremely smart almost two year old who isn’t afraid to tell her what he’s thinking. How can a two year old know just how to push the right buttons?

We were commiserating about our frustrating days. Showing your home with a baby, and a dog, PLUS family in town…

…let’s just say it’s not exactly a blast.

Especially in Florida’s hot summer.

Especially when the realtor is late.

Especially when they break your door bell and it’s blaring in your house when you return and it smells like smoke because the wires are burning from being jammed and you are freaking out at first because it takes you awhile to figure out what’s going on because really, how many times have you ever experienced?! And believe me, it doesn’t sound like what you think it would! Did I mention this was the first of three showings for the day?

Thankfully, my dad was in town and helped me figure it out and get it fixed so that the irritating buzzing noise stopped, stinky smoke smell removed and having a presentable home for the subsequent showings.

There are some days when you just need a good glass of wine.

And I don’t mean just any wine. I mean the special one you keep for days like these…or special occasions. …but really for days like these. 😉

Cottonwood Canyon 2003 Chardonnay. Smooth, creamy, rich nectar. A sole glass of delicious to accompany the day’s sour.

This glass brings back memories of our time in the central coast of California. I accompanied another travel nurse to a Pinot Noir grape harvest. It was an early event and the fog was thick as we drove through Santa Maria. As we drove through the broccoli and strawberries farms, the fog began to clear as we approached the beautiful vineyard. We parked and quickly they put us to work teaching us the best way to harvest the grapes – picking out mature vs. immature grapes, shearing methods, etc. I must say, it was incredibly hard work, but the professional harvesters were really amazing! They moved quickly and efficiently, it was mesmerizing!

CClogo CCshot grapes

They painstakingly pick the proper fruit, cut it just so, and then go through bunch-by-bunch and eliminate anything that doesn’t belong. THIS is the difference between a cheap bottle of wine and a handcrafted bottle. So much care and pride goes into these bottles, unlike the rats (yes, you read that correctly), leaves, and insects that the machines harvest. Everything is a grape to a robot! 😉

The grapes are then washed and separated from their stems(which apparently then become feed for cow in California), and then placed into their respective “fermentation stations” as I like to call them! 🙂 Norm, the vineyard owner, was very hands on in this process and it was captivating to hear him explain every step and tell us about himself and his vineyard.

Grapeselection 339826_4633165753099_1581838721_o

We sat down to lunch with the other guests in the reception area looking over the vines named after his wife, and the glorious mountainous scenery beyond us. It was there that we tasted the “fruits of our labor!” They specialize in Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. For a person who did not like Chardonnay, this was truly a unexpected experience! It turned out to be my favorite! I had never tasted anything quite like this! So subtle yet bold and exceptionally refreshing and fulfilling. Yes, their 2003 Chardonnay was made just for me…or at least that’s what I like to tell myself! 😉 If you ever find yourself in California’s central coast, this IS the place to stop and enjoy what California is known for.


— So after a day like today, I pour myself a glass. Diving into a delicious memory, taking myself back to the excitement of a new experience, and knowing that tomorrow is a new day filled with unimaginable adventure…definitely diaper changes, showings, and grocery shopping, but more importantly, adventure.


Wanderlust In A Glass

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