Apologies and Thanks from Greg

Apologies and Thanks

Apologies and Thanks

To my extremely patient Trippin’ with Tara readers, I wanted to apologize for my very lengthy hiatus from the site. The main culprit, truthfully, has been poor time management. I am the worst procrastinator in history (yes, I’ll be in our great-grandkids’schoolbooks some day) and have done a questionable job juggling my business school classes and home life with three crazy children. I do have  a legitimate excuse though that also doubles as a happy announcement and that is that my wife is pregnant with our fourth. Amy is due at the end of January and, while we have no idea what the gender is, my hopes are *sorta* leaning toward a boy to even out the household score. Needless to say, I have been busy assisting my wife where I can and trying to make her life easier when possible as she bravely marches forward to her fourth due date. My humblest thanks for sticking around and waiting for me.

Please enjoy my forthcoming series about my family’s wonderful 10-day stay in central Florida back in late August. It won’t disappoint!


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