Bring on Spring

It’s early spring in Connecticut!  This means that about one day per week is reserved for enjoying the longer, warmer days.  The kids play outside for hours, excitedly watch the Daffodils grow, and admire the Magnolia tree in the back yard as it bursts into color.  The rest of the week is spent essentially the same way the last five months was spent – in the house, waiting for summer, because early spring in New England is really just a slightly warmer continuation of our already interminable winter.


Bring on Spring

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider that it snowed four inches the morning I wrote my last post  two weeks ago.  What’s worse, more snow is in the forecast tonight and it’s only supposed to get to 48 degrees tomorrow.  If you, dear readers, are experiencing similar weather where you are, you certainly have my sympathy, because my family and I are done with this nonsense.  I’m ready for summer, ready to open the windows and shut off the heat.  And I’m ready for Florida.


Last August, as I expounded on in this post, my family had ten days’ worth of the best vacation you could imagine.  Sure the kids loved the usual tourist spots like The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld Orlando, and Aquatica.  My favorite part of the trip though, was the accommodations that we booked through Global Resort Homes at Paradise Palms Resort.


Although I hadn’t requested Paradise Palms by name when I booked – I only told Global I needed space for seven – if we go back to Kissimmee this summer, I will be very specific when I make my reservation.  As you can see, the townhome we stayed in was beautiful.  It was spacious, up-to-date, could sleep as many as ten guests, and like all the units and houses at the resort, had its own private pool.


The Paradise Palms atmosphere was extremely relaxing which made it an ideal vacation destination.  The resort is a gated community and very quiet at night.  During the day though, kids could play on the playground, swim in the huge lagoon-style pool behind the clubhouse, or take in a Disney movie in the private movie theater.  Don’t worry; there was plenty for adults, too: a poolside tiki bar, a game room with billiards tables, and an internet lounge (with printers!) that may come in pretty handy if you’re a horrible procrastinator and need to finish and submit your project management term paper while on vacation with your family.  I wouldn’t know, of course.


When the Andersons crashed Paradise Palms last summer, I really enjoyed the place.  The resort seemed established but looked brand new.  It wasn’t a huge, sprawling complex, but offered amenities that really impressed me, such as a fitness room with sauna and even basketball and tennis courts.  I also noticed that more townhomes were being constructed during our stay.  Having seen the resort firsthand, I understand the demand for more units in Paradise Palms – it was beautiful, relaxing, and in the heart of exciting Central Florida.


Check back in a few days to read about some of our adventures from August and to hear me complain more about New England weather!

What are your summer vacation plans?



  1. We haven’t made any definite summer vacation plans, but we will be heading south sometime. Looks like the Global Resort Homes would be a great family friendly option if we get to Florida.

  2. I have heard amazing things about Global Resort Homes! With a family of 6 now, typical hotel rooms don’t have enough space for us to be comfortable and it seems like rates are going up and you are getting less. With GRH it sounds like the best deal for my money and everything I would want while on vacation.

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