Child Star of Ant-Man Abby Ryder Fortson Interview

Being a child actor in Hollywood looks fun doesn’t it? I am sure the parents would find it to be more work than a child, for it’s just playing make believe right? While spending time out on the set of Ant-Man last November, a small group of bloggers had the chance to chat with Paul Rudd, Judy Greer and Director Peyton Reed. To finish off the interview out in the cold we also had the chance to give Abby Ryder Fortson, playing the child of Scott Lang/Ant-Man, her very first interview.

Abby Ryder Fortson

Taking a break from filming her birthday party scenes, she walked over to our heated tent with her mom, actress Christie Lynn Smith, ready for her first ever sit down interview. Obviously a little intimated by a group of mommies at first, she was at the time just 6 years old, it didn’t take long for her to warm up and do a great chatting with us sharing her favorite Disney princess and what she thinks of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man suit.


Child Star of Ant-Man Abby Ryder Fortson Interview

Wearing her princess crown and bundled up in a winter coat, she takes a seat and is ready for her interview. She’s pretty adorable!

Let’s start off on what’s most important, who is you favorite Disney princess?


Oh I figured, good one. Is that who you were for Halloween by any chance?

No. ‘Cause I don’t have the outfit and it’s like 100, a 200 dollars on one like thing.

That’s expensive. That is very expensive. So what were you for Halloween?

A witch.

Were you a scary witch or a nice witch?

A scary witch! (Making a scary gesture and then laughing) Well, I was like, both kind of witches, I was kinda like a witch from a movie and she was my cat and she’s a nice witch but my costume was from a bad witch.


What’s your favorite part about making a movie?

Acting. (Very matter of fact and laughing)

That’s a good answer.

What do you think of that doll that you’ve been acting with all day today? (In one of the scenes we were watching be filmed, Paul Rudd gives her a pretty creepy doll for her birthday.

I don’t like it.

Was it kinda creepy?

Yeah. It’s so weird! And he bit my finger! (Laughing)

So what’s your favorite part about acting? Why do you love acting so much?

Because I get to be all different kinds of people.

Marvel's Ant-Man L to R: Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal © Marvel 2014
Marvel’s Ant-Man
L to R: Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson)
Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal
© Marvel 2014

We’ve been watching you on that TV there. (pointing to the monitor where we can see the scenes being shot. Abby giggles) Do you like Paul Rudd?


Yeah, is he fun to work with?

Mm hmm. And he’s actually (singing) koo-koo!!

Is it really hard for you to remember your lines?


How long have you been acting?

Since I was four years old. And now I am six.

So are you in Kindergarten or 1st grade?


Do you have any Disney movies that you like?

I like Mary Poppins, I have Frozen, um, what else do I have? We don’t actually have a lot of kid movies. They’re all like all scattered all over the house. It’s awesome.


What did you think when you saw Paul in the Ant-Man suit?

It was actually really cool! I actually got to put on one of his gloves when I was in wardrobe.

Did it fit?

Yeah. Like the fingers were like up to here, and it went all the way up to here. (showing us it was a little big.)

Did you have magical powers when you put it on?

No, it was all pretend! (Ha!)  ‘Cause he had to wear this whole mask that had like a breathing thing at the end so he could breathe when he shrinked and they didn’t want it to be too heavy so they cut the mask part off. But they kept the breathing thing on but like this part off.

So what does your friends and family think about you doing this movie? Are they excited for you?

Yeah. (laughing) Well, I don’t live here so I’m all the way back in Los Angeles.


Is Ant-Man your favorite superhero now?

Yeah. And Black Widow. (laughing) She is cool.

Do you have any messages to kids who want to be actors that aren’t yet?

Uh, practice like-– like three weeks ahead so you get them down. I do that a lot. (laughing) I practice with my dad and my mom. They’re both actors.

Image via
Image via

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Yeah. I have a younger brother.

Is he in acting as well?

He’s only 22 months right now, so not yet, but he will be. (laughing)  He will be, yeah. Or who knows, he might not.

Abby’s mom chimes in, “He kind of already is. You guys do shows all the time.”

Do you put on shows for your mom and dad at the house?


Do you like being a big sister?

Egh. Not really. (we all laugh) It is so hard and it is so crazy. Guess what? At home we have to turn like every, way, any, when he was like a little younger, we had to turn every chair down in the house. ‘Cause he was climbing up trying to pull the water, playing with the water, and that’s the same at my, at my apartment. Guess what? One baby plus 24 hours equals two broken computers. (Full of charisma as she shares this story. Well, I’m glad I didn’t bring mine. ‘Cause mine would be broken too.

So what’s next for you, do you have any other projects coming up?

Well, I’m on like two more shows and the two babies that were working on one of my shows, they are too big now so they’re thinking my brother could do it. (we all laugh again, she is really adorable)

What’s the name of the show, can you tell us?

Togetherness. I’m going straight from here to Canada to go do another show called The Whispers.

Mom chimes in again, “A-B-C January.” Which it is on ABC now and getting great reviews!

Photo credit: Ben Cohen/ABC. On The Whispers

How does it feel when you watch yourself like on TV and in movies, when you get to see the final product after you spend all that time acting?

I feel like happy. Yeah, I actually had the pilot CD of, I mean, D-V-D of The Whispers pilot.

Well thank you, Abby.

And with a hug Abby’s mom tells her, “You did awesome! Good job, honey!”

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* I was invited by Disney to do a special set visit for Marvel’s Ant-Man in 11/15. All opinions are my own.


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