Meet the Trippin’ with Tara Contributors

Growth is exciting!  Taking my blog to the next level requires some help, so lucky for me, in addition to Paris and Greg, I was very lucky to have a few more great writers want to take part in this blog of mine.  So meet and welcome the new contributors!

Look who's writing on  Trippin' with Tara!

Meet the Trippin’ with Tara Contributors



Donnie Griffin

Donnie is the behind scenes partner of Trippin’ with Tara as well as Tara’s better half.  Childhood friends and now a family of 4, it was hard for Donnie to not start the inevitable and write on the blog.  From personal stories, to his stance on medical marijuana, to crazy celebrity news, he promises to keep it interesting.  Well that’s what he says.  Connect with Donnie on Twitter.


Everywhere with Erica – Erica Baldwin

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to Everywhere with Erica! After spending much of the last 20 years as a devoted wife and mother, I have entered a new phase in my life….40 and living single! One thing however remains the same….I LOVE TO EXPERIENCE LIFE!! Whether it’s traveling to the latest resort, dressing up in garb for a weekend of renaissance reenactment or checking out a new band at a local dive bar in my city of St. Louis…I LOVE TO EXPERIENCE LIFE!!  There isn’t anyone I won’t strike up a conversation with. And now dating has been added into the mix so life has become real interesting and quite honestly a bit scary…you just got to swim through the weird to get to the good…I keep telling myself that! So come along with me on this new journey, but warning…there is no telling where we’ll end up!



Sunny Chanel is a cozy home base for professional blogger (,, Cafe Mom’s The Stir) and gal about town, Sunny Chanel.

Sunny lives in the glorious city of San Francisco with her husband and precocious 7-year-old daughter. She loves Disney, shoes, overusing exclamation points, blueberries, Murder She Wrote, tacos, and writing…a lot.



Lisa Curzon

My name is Lisa and I have spent the last few years as traveling housewife and am now a stay at home mom to a gorgeous little girl. When I wed my husband, we decided to follow our wanderlust and travel the country. Luckily, his job as a traveling nurse allowed us to do so! We fit our lives into our car, including our 60lbs pup Riley, and we mixed vacationing and daily life into one! We traveled for just over two years until we began Our Greatest Adventure…Parenthood! Although our traveling has died down quite a bit, our wanderlust has not. Each day is an exuberant adventure,as we discover ways of bringing the world into our home through memories, food, mini explorations, and seeing it anew through my tiny blue-eyed girl. Make sure to check out my blog Wed and Wanderlust.


SightSee With Sharon – Sharon LaMothe

Let me start off by sharing with you what has consumed my life thus far: I started working in the infertility field in 2000 after giving birth as a Gestational Surrogate to twin girls in that same year and am stilling guiding intended parents through the surrogacy process to this day. My second surrogacy was in 2005 when I gave birth to twins yet a second time. This just solidified and reassured me that I was in the right field given my background in social services, nursing and caring for my family including my grandmother. I have owned my own surrogacy agency in the past and am considered to be a highly sought after expert in my field.

Although I am a surrogacy consultant I sometimes get bored with always talking about sperm and eggs and how all that works within the context of surrogacy! I love to travel, read, listen to music, attend movies and spending time with my family and blogging about these topics are a hiatus from my every day job of baby-making! Meeting new people and exploring different cultures is something I strive to do as much as possible. I am lucky enough to travel several times a year and I always take time put to explore my new surroundings! I am looking forward to sharing these new experience with readers who enjoy the same things…(including the baby-making part)!



Bobbie Seacrist

Bobbie is a stay at home Mom that blogs too much, drinks too much coffee and eats way too much bacon. She has two teenagers, ages 14 and 16. Her residence is a small town in Maryland where she loves to walk by the bay and take pictures.  See her blog Dishin’ with Rebelle.


Dawn Wells

Dawn is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4. She writes for Blogging Mom of 4, Mommy Needs Her Coffee and Blogging is a Trip.  Make sure to connect with Dawn on Google+.


For obvious reasons I am super excited!  I look forward to reading and sharing their posts with you!


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