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Samsun Galaxy Camera


I often am asked which camera I use.  I have to admit, I use my iPhone probably more than anything.  But when I travel and I want to get really great shots, I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and well, I truly love the results.


Samsung Galaxy Camera

Cliffs of Moher

Taking these very memorable photos at the Cliffs of Moher, photos really can’t do the beauty of the cliffs justice, but with my Samsung, I wasn’t disappointed.  Amazing shots!

Cliffs of Moher

Playing around with the different setting gave me the freedom to take photos up close and still give the background, though blurred, a clear view.

Fishermans Wharf

While in San Francisco, I was able to capture iconic landmarks with a different point of view with an incredible crispness.

Goldengate bridge

I brought the Galaxy up with me on a hot air balloon ride.  The views were amazing, and I captured this shot of a fellow balloon sharing our airspace.

Trippin with Tara Balloon

Even indoor shots, without flash are stunning.  This was taken inside my hotel room when I stayed at the Triton in San Francisco. 

Hotel Triton

Taking advantage of the panoramic feature, I was able to fit the redwoods of Muir Woods to the tops of the trees.

Muir Woods

I have loved using this camera and have 100’s of amazing photos to show for it.

  • High performance photography, Android™ platform and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Capture images with the 21x super long optical zoom and 23mm wide-angle lens
  • Edit on-the-go with precision using Photo Wizard and Video Editor
  • Enjoy color-rich photos, videos and apps on a 4.8” HD touch screen display

Having wifi means I can share photos via social media or email when connected.  It is easy and a really great time saver to be able to upload photos from the camera directly into DropBox.  The 21 zoom lens made it possible to capture some amazing shots while I was at the iHeart Music Festival this year.

Just a little larger than a phone, this camera has quickly become my must have on every trip.  If you spend 5 minutes with the Samsung Galaxy camera, I think you too will have the same feelings.







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  1. Will look more into this camera. I have a DSLR but would love to own a point-and-shoot camera as well. After all they are easier to tote around in my purse than my Nikon. By the way, LOVE the hot air balloon shot! 😀

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