TM1985 Dopp Kit – Natural Canvas Toiletry Case

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TM1985.  The Dopp kit,

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a natural canvas and leather Dopp kit, constructed by Brooklyn, New York based design company, TM1985.  The Dopp kit, taking its name from the original designer, Charles Doppelt, is a man’s variation on a toiletry case.  Women have makeup bags and toiletries cases when they travel – we gents have the Dopp kit.

This fine bag is hand crafted from cotton-based canvas, weathered brass hardware, and pieces of leather an impressive 3/16” thick – all of which are sourced right here in the United States.  The leather is thick enough that I wasted an inordinate amount of time wondering what kind of sewing machines TM1985 used to create the bag.

TM1985 Dopp kit

The generously sized (7” x 12” x 5”) Dopp kit is a treat to several of a man’s senses.  The smell of the leather, the weight of the bag, the durable canvas with its almost indestructible feel, and the handsome look all combine to tell the purchaser that he made a fine choice.

As a guy who for years was resigned to lightweight “pleather” toiletries cases, I was reminded by this Dopp kit that a bag so simple can still be made really, really well.  The quality is undeniable and reminds me of bags our grandfathers would have used for years…and then passed on to our fathers.

Tielor McBride, TM1985’s owner and lead designer, produces all his bags right in New York City.  It was really nice to hold something in my hands that didn’t have that pesky “Made in China” tag on it.  The company also stands proudly behind their products and guarantees each piece 100 percent.

TM1985 Dopp kit

McBride, a former window designer for Ralph Lauren, said in a recent interview that “utility and functionality” are his prime motivators when designing a bag, and his Dopp kit is no exception.  While a great looking bag, the Dopp gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t: a huge main compartment, a large, leather internal pocket , and high quality hardware that will guarantee that the bag gets passed on to my son.

The bag is perfect for an overnight trip to your parents’, a week at camp, or a cruise to The Bahamas.  It can fit every toiletry a man needs – and probably more – while keeping it all organized.

TM1985 Dopp kit

TM1985 also makes Dopp kits out of twill and reclaimed, vintage canvas.  The price range on the bags varies from $50 to $102.  My particular bag, made out of natural canvas, is available for purchase here:  However, if you’d rather get one for free, you have that option as well.  For the month of July, TM1985 is offering their natural and black canvas Dopp kits for free with the purchase of a Weekender Duffel.  Click here for additional details on the promotion:  Check out their webpage for more on their full line of bags, wallets and accessories.


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 * TM1985 Dopp Kit – Natural Canvas Toiletry Case is a product I won via a Facebook giveaway and love.  I have not received any compensation for this post, it’s just a product I want to share with the readers.



    • Absolutely. Although I geared the review toward the bag’s masculine elements, it’s just a great bag, period – for men and women.

    • You couldn’t be more right! As a matter of fact, Dopp kits were standard issue for American GIs during the second world war.

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