Visiting Pixar

Of all the places to visit in the world of entertainment, the Pixar campus is pretty much the cherry on top.  With the brilliant mind of the late Steve Jobs and then the creative genius of John Lasseter, walking around the campus you just wish this could be where you came to work everyday.

Photo Credit: Grace from HapaMama


Visiting Pixar

Having the opportunity to see the campus at both night and day, I have to say, I love the magic of the lights and the coolness the night time brings.  With the high energy of the people working at Pixar during the day, it’s kinda nice to hear the crickets while enjoying the beautiful campus in a different way.

A little history of Pixar.

Steve Jobs bought the company from LucasArts in 1986 and served as its Chairman and then CEO until it was purchased by Disney in 2006.  I found that the Steve Jobs building is more than a tribute to Steve.  To me in encompasses who Steve was by recognizing his very thumbprint in the obvious thought process of the design.  It wasn’t Steve’s job to make the movies, it was more about the design process.  He picked everything, and even went as far as getting the look and feel he wanted by requesting the same brick that was used on the Hills Brothers building in San Francisco.  So with a strong mixture of steel and brick, the look was obtained and truly symbolizes the unique beauty of arguably the most creative animation campus on the planet.

 The Pixar Campus.

Steve Jobs Building Pixar


It’s quite special during the day, but even a little more magical to me at night.

Pixar at night

Pixar at night

The Steve Jobs Building.

Photo Credit: Grace from HapaMama

The open air with the steel structure truly gives the Steve Jobs building an industrial feel.  The natural light is appealing in the “Atrium” which welcomes Pixar employees and visitors when they enter the building.  I love that the Monsters duo Mike Wazowski and Sulley, and with a display case for Pixar’s multiple Oscars, Golden Globes, and Annie Awards, the Atrium is always decorated each year to reflect whatever Pixar feature is coming out, which of course right now is Inside Out!


Pixar Awards



And then there’s the cereal bar.

Pixar cereal


The Campus.

Walking around the campus, it is full of some hidden Easter eggs.  I missed this one, but I totally love this photo taken with the Finding Nemo sea gull.


But it’s the basketball courts, swimming pool and volleyball sand pit that make the campus special.  There was even a group doing yoga out on the lawn.  Pretty awesome to have activity be part of your day at work.



Without a doubt, Pixar has thought of everything to make work to not feel like work.  Makes you think, if the most creative movies come from a place like this, imagine how creative we could all be if we took time to enjoy what’s around us in our daily lives.


INSIDE OUT & LAVA (6/19/15) (#InsideOut & #Lava)

*I was invited to tour Pixar as part of an event attached to Pixar’s new movie Inside Out.  All opinions are my own.


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