Pierogies with Veggies

September 14, 2014 Paris Carter 1

Pierogies are delicious, and adding some veggies just ups it to the next level. Check out how Paris like to make hers. ~Tara   Pierogies with veggies (spinach cauliflower and zucchini ), topped with chickpeas, […]


Green Smoothie

September 12, 2014 Paris Carter 1

After watching Cowspiracy, I am now doing the 21 day meatless challenge and because of that, Paris has said she’d share some recipes and here’s the first.  Looks kinda delicious! ~Tara Green Smoothie: Coconut milk, […]


The Little Things

September 12, 2014 Lisa Curzon 313

Every once in awhile, there are moments that cause you to just pause and appreciate the little things… … The smell of the rain. The coolness it brings right before it falls. The enchanting rhythm […]


The Other Ferguson

September 9, 2014 Erica Baldwin 0

Unless you have lived under a rock the last four weeks, you have heard of Ferguson, MO. The images on television, in newspapers, and social media portray a Ferguson equal in violence to that of […]


Human Pet Poses

September 8, 2014 Trippin with Tara 0

This is my new favorite Facebook page!  Human Pet Poses was started by Tony Brent, and why do you recognize that name?  He’s the awesome performer I have shared with you a few times now.  He has […]